• Here is Assignment 3 due December 2.
  • The problem on the ultimatum game. Here is the sagemath notebook session.
  • Your Second Assignment Due Nov 8.
  • Here is your First assignment. Due back to Kim Tuesday October 11.
  • The ta this year is Kim Nguyen There won't be any tutorials the first week of class.
  • My office hours are by appointment, which means send me and email and we will negotiate a time, or just drop by.
  • There is no official textbook for the course. Much of the material for the first bit can be found in Mas Colell, Whinston and Green, Microeconomic Theory. It is a good reference book, but we won't directly use it for class, and it isn't required. You might find the book Jehle and Reny Advanced Micro Theory useful. For the material on auctions and mechanism design the book Auction Theory, by Vijay Krishna, Academic Press, 2002 is excellent.
  • The course notes are all listed below. They are revised often so check back here closer to class time for revised reading.
  • Midterm will be in class Monday October 17.
  • There will be around 6 assignments. You will be responsible for handing them in to Kim. Deadlines TBA. Kim will then go through the answers to the assignments in the tutorial. You will then need to grade your own assignment and hand in a revised version to Kim, explaining what you did wrong.
  • Assignments 18% Midterm 32% Final Exam 50%

Course Details

Here is some preliminary stuff that some students find helpful. If you have a modern undergrad education in economics, you shouldn't need this, except possibly for a brief review.


Game Theory



Fixed Points