• Third assignment due November 30
  • Second Assignment due Nov 8.
  • Here is your first assignment. Return this to Floyd by October 11.
  • TA is Floyd Zhang,
  • Office Hours - Monday and Wednesday after class 1-2PM
  • Midterm Monday October 17 - worth 40% of final mark. Final exam - worth 40% - the other 20% will come from biweekly assignments. For the assignment you must hand in your assignments to Floyd at the deadline (TBA). Floyd will then go over the answers in tutorial. You must then redo your assignment, explaining the things you did wrong, then hand in the revised version to Floyd.
  • You must provide a doctor's note for missed exams. Normally marks from missed exams will be transferred to the next available exam.
  • No textbook is required for the class. The readings are all contained in pdf files below.

Course Contents

  1. To prepare for the course, make sure you understand the mathematics that is described in the Math Tutorial below. We will begin with the reading on Preference Theory, which you can read if you follow the link below.

    If you want to brush up on ideas from first year economics you can use Preston McAfee's textbook. A variety of other second year teaching resources are available at

  2. Math Preparation
    • This link leads to a math tutorial written by Martin Osborne at U of Toronto. It contains most of what you will need to know about math as an economics student. Browse through to refresh your knowledge, then go back to it when you encounter a mathematical concept that you don't understand. Martin Osborne's Tutorial.
  3. Introductory Material and the Theory of Choice
  4. Choice Theory
  5. Applications of Choice Theory
  6. Collective Choice and Equilibrium
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